Children and Divorce

Issues With Your Children Following A Divorce or Separation?

When a relationship breaks down, it can raise difficult questions as to what should happen to your children. The stakes are high for both parents, so it can be hard to reach an agreement.

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We understand how traumatic such disputes can be. We offer practical legal advice to resolve the matter as quickly as possible, focusing on the best interests of you and your children at all times.

“I broke up with my partner and went to McGee & O’Kane Solicitors. Colin O’Kane Solicitor gave me advice about contact with my children. I cannot recommend him highly enough, the advice and service was excellent.” Child Contact Client

Children and Divorce or Separation

A divorce or separation can have a significant impact on the way in which you and your children live. Decisions need to be made, such as –

  • Where are the children going to live?
  • Who are the children going to live with?
  • When and how will the children spend time with each parent?
  • Where will the children go to school?
  • Can the children be taken on holiday or abroad?
  • Who pays for what?

In the emotional turmoil that follows the breakdown of a relationship, these things can be extremely difficult to decide. This is particularly true if relations between you and the other parent have soured.

If you cannot reach these decisions between you, contact our divorce and separation solicitors for help. We handle all kinds of issues relating to children and divorce, including –

  • Custody
  • Residence
  • Child care arrangements
  • Child maintenance
  • Parental responsibility
  • Child abduction
  • Court Orders relating to children

Divorce and Separation Solicitors

At McGee O’Kane Solicitors, we offer practical legal advice to those facing child care disputes following a divorce or separation. Our aim is to protect the best interests of your children, and will be guided by you as to what this looks like.

We can then negotiate with the other parent to reach an agreement that you are happy with. We always try to reduce conflict and can advise you on methods of dispute resolution, such as mediation.

If an agreement cannot be reached amicably, we can pursue the matter through the courts.

Court Orders

Where applicable, we can apply for a Court Order. This makes a decision legally binding. There are various kinds of Court Order that relate to children, including –

  • Residence Orders
  • Contact Orders
  • Specific Issue Orders
  • Prohibited Steps Orders
  • Parental Responsibility Orders

Residence Orders

Residence Orders set out where a child should live and with whom. The parent who has day-to-day care of the child is known as the resident parent.

Contact Orders

Contact Orders set out when a child sees the non-resident parent. It can specify details such as where they see each other and for how long.

Specific Issue Orders

Specific Issue Orders are used to resolve specific disputes relating to a child, such as their surname or what religion they should be raised with.

Prohibited Steps Orders

Prohibited Steps Orders stop a parent from taking a particular action, like taking the child out of the country.

Parental Responsibility Orders

Parental Responsibility Orders give a parent (or other party) parental responsibility for a child. All mothers automatically have parental responsibility. In some circumstances, a father needs to obtain this via the courts.

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Disagreements relating to the upbringing of your children can arise for all kinds of reasons. Whatever it is, we can help you.

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