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If you would like help with a civil partnership, including negotiating a financial settlement and child care arrangements, contact us at McGee O’Kane Solicitors. Our family law solicitors can manage all aspects of civil partnership dissolution in Northern Ireland.

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If you have entered into a civil partnership but the relationship has broken down, you may want to formally end the union. If so, you need to get a civil partnership dissolution. Once finalised, you can enter into another civil partnership, or marry someone of the opposite sex.

As with any relationship breakdown, there will likely to a lot of organise. You must decide how your assets and debts should be divided. If you have children, you must decide where they are going to live, when they are going to see the other parent, and whether maintenance should be paid. It may also be appropriate to make these arrangements legally binding with a Court Order.

At McGee O’Kane Solicitors, we can help with all of this. We can manage every aspect of your civil partnership dissolution from start to finish, including –

  • Guiding you through the civil partnership dissolution process
  • Negotiating a financial settlement on your behalf
  • Negotiating child care arrangements on your behalf
  • Obtaining Court Orders, where needed

Civil partnership dissolution Northern Ireland

To get a civil partnership dissolution in Northern Ireland, you must show that one of the following has taken place –

  • Two years’ separation and you both agree to the dissolution
  • Five years’ separation
  • Unreasonable behaviour
  • Desertion

One person needs to lodge a petition in the Matrimonial Office. If the paperwork is in order, the petition can then be served on the other person. A date will be set for a court hearing. If you both agree to the civil partnership dissolution, you must swear that the information provided is true. But if one person contests the dissolution, you may be cross-examined.

If the judge is satisfied that your civil partnership has irretrievably broken down, a conditional order is granted. After six weeks and one day, you can ask for the conditional order to be made final. Once this is granted, your civil partnership has officially been dissolved.

You can ask our solicitors to help you at any point during the process. We can manage the entire civil partnership dissolution for you, removing the burden from your shoulders.

Civil partnership dissolution and finances

When a civil partnership ends, you need to sort out your finances. This means deciding how to divide your assets and your debts. This can be one of the most contentious areas of a relationship breakdown.

At McGee O’Kane Solicitors, we can help you to secure a financial settlement that protects your interests. We can ensure your partner is not hiding any assets, and negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement.

If an agreement cannot be reached, we can help you with mediation and litigation through the courts. If needed, we can make any agreements legally binding by applying for a Court Order.

Civil partnership dissolution and children

If you and your civil partner have children, decisions must also be made about their care and child maintenance. Like settling your finances, it can be difficult to reach a resolution without the help of a solicitor.

If so, we can advise you what your rights and responsibilities are in respect of your children. We can then negotiate suitable child care arrangements and child maintenance, ensuring you maintain a healthy relationship with your children.

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If you are facing a civil partnership dissolution and would like expert legal advice about any aspect of your relationship breakdown, contact us now at McGee O’Kane Solicitors. We are experts in this area of the law and can answer your questions during a free initial enquiry.

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