Matrimonial Agreements

If you would like a Matrimonial Agreement, you need the help of a legal professional. Both parties must have their own solicitor, or the agreement may not be deemed valid.

At McGee O’Kane Solicitors, we can help you create a Matrimonial Agreement, acting as your trusted legal advisor throughout. To find out more, contact us for a free initial enquiry. Our divorce and separation solicitors will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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What is a Matrimonial Agreement?

A Matrimonial Agreement is a legal agreement that sets out how your finances should be divided following the breakdown of your marriage or civil partnership. If you have children, the agreement can also detail child care arrangements and maintenance payments.

The benefit of a Matrimonial Agreement is that it allows you to finalise these decisions, in advance of your divorce or civil partnership dissolution. This means you can continue with your life, rather than having to wait until you start divorce proceedings – which you may not do for years, if at all.

If you do later get a divorce or civil partnership dissolution, the Matrimonial Agreement can form the basis of your financial settlement. This makes the process easier and more amicable for all concerned. However, you can challenge the Matrimonial Agreement at the divorce stage, if you wish.

How to get a Matrimonial Agreement

If your relationship has broken down and you want a Matrimonial Agreement, you must both get independent legal advisors. This means you each need your own solicitor. You cannot have the same solicitor. If you have yet to find a legal expert to help you with a Matrimonial Agreement, please contact us at McGee O’Kane Solicitors.

We can act on your behalf throughout, securing a Matrimonial Agreement that protects your best interests. First of all, we will ask your ex-spouse to disclose their financial information. You will also need to do the same. We can then assess the financial circumstances of each person before suggesting what a fair settlement would be.

Next, we can negotiate with your ex-spouse’s solicitor to reach an agreement that meets your financial needs. Once the terms are agreed, we will advise what these mean for you, ensuring you understand the implications of signing the document. The final step is for you to sign the Matrimonial Agreement in the presence of witnesses.

Matrimonial Agreement solicitors

If you would like to speak to a solicitor about a Matrimonial Agreement in Northern Ireland, please contact us now. We can explain what a Matrimonial Agreement is in greater detail, helping you understand whether it is something you could benefit from. If you would like to proceed, we can act on your behalf.

Remember, you must have a solicitor to draw up a Matrimonial Agreement. Furthermore, each person must have their own independent solicitor. Because of the importance of a Matrimonial Agreement, you need to have a family law solicitor with the necessary experience. Otherwise, the terms of the agreement may not be favourable.

At McGee O’Kane Solicitors we have extensive experience in drafting Matrimonial Agreements. We can ensure that your ex-spouse is not hiding any financial assets. We can then negotiate a settlement that you are happy with. This will make your separation (and subsequent divorce or civil partnership dissolution) much easier to manage.

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