Drug Offences Solicitors

Drug Offences Solicitors

Need Advice For Drug Offences?

Expert Drug Offences Solicitors

As Criminal Law Solicitors in Derry / Londonderry we have a record of excellence in defending all types of drug offence charges from the Police Station and Magistrates Court through to high profile Crown Court cases.

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A drug offences investigation can be extremely stressful and a drug conviction can have a serious impact on your future. Specialist advice from Criminal Law Solicitors you can trust is needed to ensure that your position is fully protected.

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Police Want To Speak To You?

You should ALWAYS have a Solicitor present during a police station interview, even if you believe you have nothing to hide. It will cost you nothing as it is free under Legal Aid.

Good legal advice, at the earliest opportunity, particularly at the police station, can make the difference between a successful defence or loss of liberty.

This is particularly the case with drug type offences where the Police may be relying on evidence retrieved from a mobile phone or Facebook / Whatsapp messages. Getting expert Legal Advice is crucial to ensure you are fully advised before the Police Interview.

With our 24 Hour Arrest Line (028 71 229 343) we can be involved from the very first moment. If you believe that the police wish to speak to you, contact us now for advice.

How Can We Help?

Being found guilty of a drug offence can have a serious impact on your life. Even if it is a relatively minor offence, it may put a halt to your career. It also prevents you from entering certain countries, even as a tourist. It is therefore extremely important to speak to us for free and without delay.

  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Expert Criminal Law advice available
  • Proven track record in  defending serious criminal charges
  • 24 Hour Police Station attendance (Call on 028 71 229 343)
  • Forensic and Medical experts who can test the Police evidence against you.

We can attend Police Stations across Northern Ireland immediately. Friend or relative in Police custody? Call us now on 028 71 229 343

How Much Will It Cost?

We provide an initial Free Consultation to discuss your case and assess your options.

We can apply for Legal Aid on your behalf which will cover any Legal Costs or Fees for your case.

It is FREE to have one of our Solicitors attend at the Police Station with you, as it is covered under the Legal Aid Scheme.

Have You Received a Summons to Attend Court Or Been Charged To Court?

If you have been charged to Court for a Drug Offence or receive a Summons from the Prosecution Service then call us immediately.

We can discuss the evidence against you, explain the charges and the potential outcomes and then begin preparing your case for Court.

Drug Charges

We can provide expert advice and representation on all types of drug charges, from minor cases of possession for personal use, to serious cases in the Crown Court involving cultivation and intent to supply.

Our expertise in dealing with drug related crimes range from:

  • defence of minor charges of possession
  • charges of manufacture
  • importation and exportation of large quantities of drugs
  • intent to supply drugs
  • Drug Couriers
  • Proceeds of Crime

Our experienced drug offence solicitors team work with expert witnesses who may be called upon to help us with your case. We work with drug analysis experts, mobile phone and computer interrogation experts, forensics and valuation of drugs experts.

There are many different types of drug offences, some of the more common charges that arise include:–

Possession of Drugs

If the police find drugs in your possession, the drugs will be seized and destroyed. You may also be arrested. The drugs could be found on your person or in your property, such as in your car.

If the police believe the drugs were for your own personal use you will be questioned for the possession of drugs. If the police suspect that you intended to share the drugs with others, you could be questioned about possession with the intent to supply.

Intent to Supply and Drug Dealing

‘Supplying’ drugs means selling, dealing or sharing drugs with other people. It does not matter whether money exchanges hands. For example, if you buy drugs with the idea of sharing them with your friends, there is an intent to supply.

It is crucial that you obtain expert Legal Advice before you are questioned by the Police so that we can advise you on the evidence against you and the potential charges.

Drug Offence penalties

The penalty for each offence depends on the type of drug you are found with. Drugs are put into one of three categories – A, B or C. Class A drugs are deemed to be the most dangerous to society and so carry the heaviest penalties.

To give your case the best chance of success, contact our drug offence solicitors now. We know from experience that people of all ages and walks of life can be affected by a drug-related charge. Whatever your background, we promise to deliver robust legal representation in an approachable and friendly way.

Get In Touch

If you have been charged with a drug-related offence, it is best to get immediate legal advice. If you contact us, we provide you with a free consultation. This gives you the chance to get professional legal advice, without having to worry about the cost.

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