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Are you facing Court for Drugs Charges?

At McGee & O’Kane Solicitors we are experienced at advising those suspected or charged with Drugs Offences, from minor cases of possession of drugs for personal use to serious cases in the Crown Court involving Supplying Drugs, Cultivation and Intent to Supply.

If you are found guilty of a drug offence this will have significant implications for your future life. You may not be able to take up the career that you hoped for and some countries will not let you in, even as a tourist, if you have been found guilty of a drug offence.

This is why you need to speak to Experienced Drug Offence Solicitors. We specialise in defending and advising on drugs charges. We can provide 24 Hour advice on Drugs Offences and Criminal Law cases.

Drugs and the Law

In addition to possession, it is also illegal to supply anyone with drugs, to produce drugs or to import or export drugs. It is also illegal to allow premises you own, rent, use or occupy to be used for any drug-related activity. If you are found with drugs in close proximity to a school, youth facility or location where young people formally meet, the courts will treat this as an aggravating factor and can impose harsher penalties.

How Drugs are Classified

Drugs are put into one of three categories, according to how dangerous they are deemed to be and the impact they have on society – not necessarily the individual.

The three categories of drugs are Class A, Class B and Class C.

Possessing Drugs

If the police stop you and you are in possession of drugs, it is likely that you will be arrested. The drugs found in your possession can be seized and destroyed.

If you are caught with drugs you may be charged with possessing controlled drugs (or possession with intent to supply – a much more serious offence), whether the drugs are yours or not.

If the police find you with drugs the punishment that you receive will depend on the class of drug, the quantity of drugs found and any previous criminal convictions.

Sentences can increase a lot more if you are found to be dealing in drugs or supplying them – even if it’s just to friends with no money changing hands.

Intent to Supply and Dealing

If you are found to be supplying or dealing drugs, the punishment is likely to be harsh. We can provide advice in this area and help to put forward a strong case to the Court. Supplying drugs does not just apply to dealers. If police suspect that you intended to share drugs with your friends, this is still considered to be supplying.

Being suspected of supplying drugs means you are much more likely to be charged. The amount of drugs found on you, and whether you have a criminal record, will be taken into account.

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