Parental Responsibility

Do You Need Advice on Your Rights as a Parent?

We understand the importance for both parents to be involved in their child’s lives. As a mother, you automatically have Parental Responsibility for your child. As a father, you may be entitled to Parental Responsibility for your child.

Parental Responsibility

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We can help to obtain Parental Responsibility for a parent of a child so they can be involved in all the important decision’s regarding the child’s life such as what school they attend and what religion they will follow etc.- Parental Responsibility Solicitors.

What is Parental Responsibility?

Parental responsibility is the right, duty, power, responsibility and authority a parent has over its child. To gain the legal right to decide whether your child receives, for example, a particular medical treatment, or the right to decide which school your child attends, you must first have Parental Responsibility.

Our Parental Responsibility Solicitors can apply to Court on your behalf for a Parental Responsibility Order if you do not have Parental Responsibility for your child.

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How Do I Obtain Parental Responsibility?

As a mother, you automatically have Parental Responsibility for your child. If you are married to the mother at the time of the child’s birth, you will automatically have Parental Responsibility. If you and the mother of your child are not married, Parental Responsibility is not guaranteed, however there are certain ways in which it can be obtained such as:-

  • If your child is born after December 2003 and you are named on the birth certificate
  • Through a formal written agreement with the mother
  • By obtaining a Parental Responsibility Order from the Court
  • By having a Residence Order in respect of your child.

How Can We Help? – Parental Responsibility Solicitors

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